giant corporations need to fuck off

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"One big giant ass fuck, basically" So, I worked for a company that was contracted by corporations to run their temp worker sourcing, I guess as a way to keep costs lower or something.

10 giant corporations that have taken over much of

It’s easy to sit back and blame corporations for the evils of the world. McDonald’s makes people fat. Advertising companies lie to sell their products. That guy at Starbucks is on a mission to ruin your mochaccino every morning. The list goes on and on. But then there are companies that resort

Has The Hour of Code Turned Into a Giant Corporate

From the accounts I’ve seen so far, the candidates at Wednesday night’s climate change town hall on CNN seemed interested in a substantive discussion about the existential threat to the planet—even the audience questions were apparently good. So leave it to CNN’s resident talking heads to muck it up, as evidenced by this exchange between Chris Cuomo and Sen. Elizabeth Warren.

WW3: Britain holds emergency security meeting on Iran - Page 6

Nor does a corporation need the same things that an actual person does. Corporations dont require food or water, and they cant feel pain [source: Hartmann]. ­The laws that govern people take our hum­an weaknesses into account. For example, our prison system is designed to incarcerate the human body. You cant imprison a corporation, though.

6 Giant Corporations Control The Media, And Americans

giant corporations need to fuck off
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giant corporations need to fuck off
6 Giant Corporations Control The Media, And Americans Consume 10 Hours Of "Programming" A Day. by Tyler there are people out there that become physically uncomfortable if everything is turned off and they have to deal with there are just six giant corporations that account for almost all of the programming that we receive through our

6 Giant Corporations Control The Media, And Americans

Giant food corporations are controlling our food supply and Wal-Mart Policies to control monopoly. It’s no longer a surprise that the giant multibillion dollar agribusinesses are destroying the local and organic farms in America and replacing a huge portion of our food supply with factory farms that are based outside this country.

Fuck You, You Soul Crushing Corporate World - Bullshit.IST

giant corporations need to fuck off
US Says It Doesnt Need a Court Order To Ask Tech Companies To Build Encryption Backdoors More Login. Republicans are trying to impose tax "reform" that will benefit the rich and giant corporations at the expense of the poor and middle-class, and small businesses. Too which the response is, "fine, if I cant have it than, fuck you, you

Comcast, AT&T Are Paying Minority Groups To Support

The American Cancer Society (ACS) which has a cure rate of about 2.1%, receives more money in contributions every 10 minutes than the Independent Cancer Research Foundation (ICRF) receives in a whole year. ICRF arguably has cure rates closer to 90%.


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